Wendy Mickle


Self help portal 4 uWendy lives in Maine with her husband, Patrick and her two inspiring children, Nia & Jayden.

Wendy is a graduate of Metaphysical Sciences. She has advocated and educated persons with physical and mental disabilities for over 20 years. Wendy has supported and worked on numerous projects that have helped empower many individuals, advance their rights and turn their dreams into reality.

Wendy writes and speaks about teaching you how to transform deep unconscious thoughts and feelings that keep you stuck in self- sabotaging behaviors and help people seeking to liberate their authentic-self. She also teaches you how to heal inner emotional hurts by listening and understanding  the inner child and inner adult and other sub-personalites.

Wendy is an author, artist and a self help guide for spiritual healing. She produces self healing meditations, self help audios and workbooks that help untangle thoughts and emotions that stand in the way of getting the life you want.

“I enjoy sharing what I understand about the universal concepts that have paved my way to inner peace and true happiness.” -Wendy Mickle


Wendy and her husband Patrick enjoy homesteading and alternative building they have spent the last 6 years building a 2000 square foot cob house. Cob is an earthen cement made of sand, clay, dirt, straw and water. Cob houseP4250596

Cob Building- The technique of building with cob has been around for thousands of years. The walls are 16 inch thick allowing the house to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  self help portal 4 u Nia and Jayden20091010_46

cob house P4140572

For more information on cob building contact


Close up picture of Cob House


Wendy’s goals are to generate change in the mind and hearts of all those that are seeking a higher awareness. She believes that by building more awareness brings forth love, acceptance and appreciation for others. These qualities in humans will tip the scales and bring all people and societies closer to peace.

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