Jun 152008

If you wait for something to happen, you will leave yourself in the Constant State of Waiting! -Wendy Mickle

Have you ever hesitated to take action and gotten stuck in a rut of inertia?  Most often when this happens, you’re waiting for some internal or external clue that tells you it’s okay to move forward.  You’re waiting until you feel more confident, or until obstacles dissolve and your goals are easier to achieve.

The problem is, the longer you stay inactive, the harder it is to begin moving forward.  So you wait; and wait; and wait some more!

The truth is – it will never get easier to move forward.  Every moment that you hold back you are settling deeper into your comfort zones, and pushing out of them will be even more uncomfortable when you finally do it.

However, you’ll be pleased to learn about a little thing called MOMENTUM.

You see, when most people procrastinate and avoid taking action, they do so because it seems exceedingly difficult to move forward – and they mistakenly believe that it will ALWAYS be that difficult.  Have you ever had the same perception?

What you need to know is this:  the longer you work on taking consistent action toward your goals, you will build momentum and it will get easier and easier as you go along.

Eventually the actions you take will seem almost effortless.  You’ll begin to enjoy your activities because you’ll feel more empowered and confident about taking action.  Not to mention, all of the effort you’ve put in will be reaping great results by that time!

Are you ready to climb out of your rut of inertia today?  If so, here is a simple 3 step process to help you begin taking action – and keep taking it!

1) Commit to the actions first.  When many people set goals, they commit to achieving the end result, but they rarely commit to taking the actions that will get them there.  Take a few minutes to jot down the specific action steps that will get you to your goal, and then make a solemn commitment to take them every day.

2) Baby steps, baby steps!  Did you know that small, consistent steps toward a goal are often more effective than large, sporadic actions?  Even tiny actions will begin to build momentum and bring you great results!  Make it your sole mission to move forward consistently, despite feelings of fear, obstacles that pop up, or anything else that threatens to erode your confidence.  Keep moving forward no matter what.

3) Don’t focus on results yet.  Many a goal has been abandoned because people take an action, wait to see what the results are, and quit when they don’t see the results they expected.  Don’t get so dependent upon the results that you allow them to determine your NEXT actions.  In other words, focus only on putting one foot in front of the other, even if you’re not yet seeing the results you want.  If you quit, you’re guaranteed not to see results – but by persevering, you’ll make things happen eventually.

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