Jun 162008

There are two sides to everything!

Most of us are used to thinking of procrastination as a negative thing, but did you know that there are sometimes benefits to procrastination?  It’s true!  Procrastination can be used constructively if you do it in a conscious manner.

Below are a few ideas for how to do so in your own life:

• Procrastination provides space to allow your ideas to fully form.

Sometimes when you get an inspired idea you want to get moving on it right away, but acting hastily before you’ve fully fleshed out all the details can result in unexpected problems and delays. 

By choosing to hold off on a new idea until you’ve planned and prepared for the best course of action, you can save yourself a lot of headaches and regrets!

• Procrastination gives you time to build up your courage.

Sometimes you may be eager to move forward but know instinctively that you’re not yet ready to handle the challenges you’ll have to face.  If you try to force yourself to progress more quickly than you’re prepared to do, you may end up failing and avoid trying again!

In this kind of situation, procrastination can give you time to build up your courage and commitment so you’re truly ready to handle any challenges you encounter.  It can be tricky to tell whether you truly need time to better prepare, or you’re just avoiding taking action because of fear.  However, a quick review of your previous accomplishments along with a prediction of the most likely challenges you’ll face with your current goals should provide the clarity you need to tell the difference.

• Procrastination gives you time to gather your energy.

Even if you have a clear idea of how to proceed and you’ve got the courage and commitment to do so, you may be aware that you don’t yet have the level of strength or stamina you need for the long haul.

Holding back in order to gather your energy and prepare for the challenges ahead can often make all the difference in your ability to persevere through the most daunting obstacles.

The most important thing is to use these techniques wisely and deliberately.  Procrastination can quickly become destructive if you allow fear and avoidance to override your conscious will.  If you instead do your best to be honest with yourself about your goals, capabilities and options at all times, you’ll avoid slipping into behavior that will cause problems later.

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Thanks for visiting my website, It is easy to view procrastination in a negative light but there is always two sides to everything in life. I hope you found a new way to look at procrastination and some insight on using it in a positive way.

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