How to Set Personal Boundaries, to Get the Life You Want!

Tweet Boundaries are there you protect your life, not limit your life! -Wendy Mickle Do YOU Know? What are personal boundaries? How to Set personal boundaries? What about…. How to set relationship boundaries? How to set life purpose boundaries? Setting boundaries is a crucial step in getting the life you want. You need to set […]

Self-Empowerment Abraham Hicks Teachings

Abraham Hicks teachings has a natural talent for empowering the self. We cannot change our past life experiences we only have control over the present moment. Change your present moment by doing a Quick & Easy Empowerment exercise.

How to Create Empowerment for Yourself or Someone Else

Tweet Empowerment is linked to self-esteem, courage, self-confidence, self-love and kindness. Empowerment is created in the toddler  years therefore if you or someone you know lack empowerment then chances are it was striped from them or you in childhood. If you are wondering how to empower yourself or how to empower a friend it is […]

How to Set Personal Boundaries

Tweet The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others. ~Sonya Friedman Living your life as an empowered person often requires the placement of boundaries – invisible “lines” across which you will not allow people or events to infringe upon your time or resources. When you have clear inner boundaries in place, you know […]

Exercising Your Right to Choose

Tweet When comes down to it there is what you do and what you don’t the choice is yours!-Wendy Mickle When it comes to making decisions, a chronic sense of disempowerment often results in feelings of helplessness or hopelessness that can affect the choices you make and determine your quality of life. When you live […]