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Work Smarter rather than Harder

Smart Goals

When you start any big project with many sub parts it is easy to lose focus and work harder rather than smarter. When you implement smarts goals into you’re planning you will have a better chance of success in a timely manner.  Smart goals are a great way to get organized and stay organized.

As you strive to get the life you want it is easy to get side tracked and even lost.

The important thing to remember is that the purpose of smart goals, is to clarify all the factors that play a role in the process of goal setting, right from the start. This way the chances of success are increased by 1000 times because once you are clear about what you want to achieve you  are already half-way to achieving it!

Smart goals Outline

The term SMART is an acronym that stands for:

The following meanings can also be applied to the term SMART:
S – Significant or Stretching
M – Motivating or Meaningful
A – Achievable or Action oriented
R – Relevant or Results-oriented
T – Tangible

Let’s look at each in greater detail and as we do think about your goals and how using this SMART Goals outline with help you.

S- Specific; when you think about setting goals for a really big project it is easy to get overwhelmed. The S in this smart goal outline is to help you focus your attention in making your goal specific or significant. As we work through this smart goals outline, I am going to use the example of finding a new house, just to you help you see how to get started.

General: To get the life I want, I need a bigger home.

Specific: I will find a new home that is 3000 square feet, 2 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms that sits on 5 acres. You can even get a lot more specific with your wants and needs by defining the type of house, location of the house and of course, how you will be able to afford the new house.

Now, think about how to make your goal Specific and write it down:

M- Measurable; to succeed in any goal or project you need to incorporate measurable milestones to evaluate your progress. This allows you to see the steps you need to take in order to complete your goals. As you work through your goals and start to achieve them they will become important benchmarks, which will give you more motivation. You will need a steady dose of motivation along the way, to see your goals all the way to the end.

General: I am going to start looking for a new house today on the internet.

Measurable: I will go to the bank and find out how much a can borrow? I will find a realtor to help me research 3 different locations I would like to live.

In each location I will research the school system, distance from local business, banks, and my place of work.

Now, think about how to make your goal Measurable and write it down:

A-Achievable; this is where many people fail in trying to achieve there goals because they did not make them achievable, in the first place. I write a lot about getting the life you want and I am all about reaching for the imposable. If you want to make the imposable possible then you have to have realistic achievable expectations as you move through setting your goals.

For example; you want a big home, can you afford it? Not just the actually monthly payment but also the heating and cooling costs; not to mention any and all up-keep and repairs you will have to pay for. There are always many unforeseen obstacles for achieving your goals. When you are creating a Smart Goals plan, it is important that you take the time to brainstorm and try to flush out any hidden problems that could arise and come up with solutions for them.

General: I will do what I need to do to get the house I want.

Achievable: I will find a list on the internet of all of the necessary things I need to consider when buy a new house and then go over each one and make sure a have a thought about it and created a plan for it.

Now, think about how to make your goal Achievable and write it down:

R-Realistic this leads off of achievable is your goal realistic, have you looked at all of the necessary details. This is also the time when you can think about making adjustments to your goals. It is better to see what you will have to do to make your goal realistic in the beginning, then put forth a lot of work and effort just to end up realizing that you are not willing to make certain adjustments or scarifies, to see your goal all the way through.

General: I am will to make scarifies to own a new home by working more hours every week.

Realistic: I will work 10 hours more every week which will give me X amount of money to save up any unforeseen expenses plus I will save my tax return as well to have X amount of dollars.

Adjustments & Scarifies; if you’re new home is going to cost more, you could ask yourself, would you be willing to cut back on your monthly expenses to bring down the cost of living, such as, driving a cheaper car, dropping cable TV, or lowering your cell phone plan?

In order for you to succeed with any big goal you have to be willing and ready to be flexible and make adjustments and scarifies along the way.

Now, think about how to make your goal realistic and write it down:

T-Time-base or tangible; it is important to give your goals a tangible time frame this will bring a solid structure to your goals. Creating a tangible time frame for your goals is like a dance; you don’t want to take too long trying to achieve your goals because you will lose motivation along the way. On the other hand if you are over optimistic in thinking that you can accomplish more than you can, you will have a difficult time making the deadlines you create, which will lead you to feeling discourage.

The best thing to do when you create timelines is to be flexible. When you start a new project you may not have any idea how long it will take you to achieve it. That’s OK; give yourself a time frame anyway and work towards it then be willing to make adjustments along the way.

General: I will do it in a week.

Tangible: I will do it in one week by devoting 2 hours a day on it and reevaluate my progress in 3 days to see if I have to readjust the time frame.

Now, think about how to create a timeline that is tangible and write it down:

Smart Goals are really the only way to achieve big dreams in life. By laying out a plan ahead of time you have given yourself the opportunity to see around corners and try to head off any future problems. I can understand why it is hard to sit down and try to see all of the steps of a big goal; it might seem scary. I am here to tell you, that you will gain more confidence in seeing what lays ahead of you, then trying to go about it blind.

 When Pat and I were building our cob house smart goals played a big role in helping guide our way through all of the projects that had so many sub-parts. It was intense at times and we always had to go back and make realistic adjustments and scarifies along the way.

Trust me we did not have a lot of support when we started this project. 90 % of the people we told about our plans to build a cob house thought we were crazy and that it would never work. Our home was build from pure motivation, the ability to adapt to things we did not plan for, and from the progress we made along the way. There were many adjustments and lots of sacrifice, but in the end it was all worth it.

“Dream big; take the time to plan it out! Anything is possible with the right ingredients.”

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Thank you for taking the time to read over my smart goals plan. I hope it gives you the inspiration you need to conquer your goals. Please feel free to share this website with your favorite social media sites and  tell your friends and family about it too :)

Working together can help you achieve your goals and inspire you and others around you toward inner greatness.

Have a fabulous Day


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