Feb 032012

Boundaries are there you protect your life, not limit your life! -Wendy Mickle

Do YOU Know?

What are personal boundaries?

How to Set personal boundaries?

What about….

How to set relationship boundaries?

How to set life purpose boundaries?

Setting boundaries is a crucial step in getting the life you want. You need to set boundaries for yourself and for others. If you say to your self “I don’t allow people to take advantage of me, I am just a nice person” I would say, if you are a nice person then be nice to yourself and set boundaries, if you don’t you will live your life as a dis-empowered person.

Creating boundaries is multidimensional, they come in all forms, shapes and sizes. Listen to this audio on setting boundaries to get started in the right direction. Then download the PDF on Creating Healthy Boundaries and as you read through it, think about how your personal boundaries measure up to getting the life you want?
how to set personal boundaries

Article I wrote that inspired this audio:
How to set personal boundaries

Quick Guide: Creating Healthy Boundaries PDF

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Please feel free to leave me a comment below and let me know how you feel about boundary setting in your life, I would love to here from you 😀

The more people that can wake up to there authentic self the better the world would be. Thanks again for listening!



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