ist1_5906336-woman-practicing-yoga-at-sunrise[1]I love meditation and I believe everyone should give it a try!!! Meditation is healing both mentally, physically and emotionally. It does not matter what type of religion you come from there is a meditation that would be prefect for you. I believe all healing must come from the inside out, Wake Your Spirit Up is here to help you access internal healing. Scroll down to see a list of meditation journeys that are included in the self help therapy program.

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You will be sent 60 second audios every week to inspire YOU! There are also Over 20 mini meditations & Over 40 Quick Guides!This therapy program has over 100 Downloads Absolutely Free!


Free Meditations (included in the self help therapy program)

Abdominal breathing

Gather insights for a successful life

Attract Money Instantly

Releasing Judgment

Creating yourself Image

Surrender what you can not change

Dissolve negative and painful feeling


Self help Portal 4 u is here to help you access internal healing. A Sister site has been created for you to have access to Meditation in the full spectrum.

Meditate Today is a wonderful website filled with Tips, Techniques, Exercises, Information, Vidoe’s & Free Meditations to get you started or freshen up an old practice. Visit this site and get on the sign up list for free meditations.

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