Feb 032012

Don’t Just Think About it! Do Something About it!

Getting the life you want takes a lot of envisioning to get it. In this audio I am going to discuss envisioning a better future.
envisioning a better furture
Seeing yourself living the life you want is very powerful and by taking the time to do this exercise you are bringing future feelings into your present moment which will automatically reflect in your future and of course in your peasant.

DON’T STOP! take it a step further, get out your journal and begin writing down what you want your future to be like, revise it a couple of times to ensure you have everything you want in there and then do the envisioning exercise again taking time to read and envision.

By taking the time to write down what a better future looks like and feels like, you are bringing the Very Powerful Act of (doing) into your present moment as well.

And Yes if you have to fake it that’s OK whatever it takes You are worth it!

This audio was inspired by the article Envision a better future

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Free Guided Meditation Download Create the future you want If you would like to save this meditation to your computer just right click on the image and select save link as and then select where you would like to save it.

Thanks for listening I hope you enjoyed the audio on, Envision a Better Future and the meditation Create the Future You Want.

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