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Use your imagination to create the motivation you seek! –Wendy Mickle

Have you ever noticed that a lack of motivation leaves you feeling sluggish and uninspired?  One great way to turn that mind-set around is by consciously getting joyful!  Joyful about what, exactly?  Well, anything will do, but here are a few good ideas to get you started.

Probably one of the best things to get joyful about are the end results you’re trying to create.  If you’re working toward your goals and feeling unmotivated about taking action, start by thinking about how good you’ll feel to achieve the goal.  Imagine the feelings of excitement and satisfaction you’ll experience when you can finally shout, “I did it!”  It’s important to not just think about these things, but really allow yourself to experience the feelings too!

You can also take it step further and consider how achieving that goal will contribute to your life and the lives of others.  What do you stand to gain from it?  How will it help others?  How do you feel about those benefits?  Imagine that you and others are enjoying those benefits right now.  How does that make you feel?

Still not feeling the joy?

Time to up the ante.  Start focusing on something wonderful you want to happen in your future, even if you’re not working on it yet.  Make this “something” really BIG and AMAZING.  Something that would change your whole life and make you whoop and holler with joy.  Some examples:  Imagine that you won the lottery and you get to call all your friends and relatives to share the good news.  Or imagine that you’ve just won your dream home in a contest and you’re going to see it in person for the first time.  Or imagine that you met the love of your life and it’s your wedding day!

Whatever you choose to focus on, pretend that it’s happening NOW and allow yourself to get into those feelings of intense excitement and awe.  Stay with these images for as long as necessary to pump yourself up with joy.

Once you’re feeling joyful and excited, get moving immediately on your other tasks or goals – the ones you were avoiding a little while ago.  Don’t give yourself time to form any more excuses; just do it!

Allow your feelings of joy and enthusiasm to flow into your current activities and keep your motivation strong.  You’ll probably find that your energy stays high for a longer period of time and you’ll end up accomplishing more than you would have otherwise.  Even better, joy can make any action seem almost effortless – which can be a big help when you’re pursuing goals or facing a difficult task.

Once you get used to using joy as a motivator, you’ll likely come to enjoy the process so much that it will take less and less effort to employ – and you’ll have no trouble at all keeping your motivation consistently strong!

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Have a day full of Joy!


  5 Responses to “Joy as Motivation”

  1. Hi Wendy!

    Thanks for inviting me back to your Blog…it’s always nice seeing you. :)

    Joy is a very nice angle to work from. If I can put a smile on your face, that brings me joy…which further motivates me to put another smile on your face!!

    Have a pleasant day…your tribal friend Steven Suchar
    .-= Steven Suchar´s last blog ..Are You Creating Emotionally Triggered Headlines? =-.

  2. Yes, I so agree. The only worthwhile motivator for success is joy and passion. Find your joy, and your vibrational energy will rise to its highest levels.
    .-= Laurie Morin´s last blog ..What is Wealth? =-.

  3. Hi Wendy,
    you are right: Joy is very important. When we’re preparing our vacation, I want to already enjoy the preparation and the drive to our destination. That’s why we make sure to choose nice areas to rest and to have lunch. I don’t want to reach my destination completely exhausted. The same holds true for any other area of my life: The journey is as important as the destination. Joy is the key ingredient for that. Thanks for sharing this great post.
    Take care
    .-= Oliver Tausend´s last blog ..Behaviour in Facebook groups =-.

  4. Wendy,
    Awesome! I totally believe this. I like to go for abundance walks when I take rejuvenation breaks during my work day to get into joy too! I love the way you write so articulately about how to raise your energetic vibration and create what you want ahead of time so you are basically giving your subconscious the blueprint of what you want it to create for you.
    .-= Rebecca Johnson´s last blog ..A Girl, A Triathlon, and A Movie About It! =-.

  5. This reminds me of a poem by Robert Frost called “Mowing.” It ends with the line “The fact is the sweetest dream that labor knows” meaning the mower was joyed with completing the task. I also like the idea of FEELING and imagining the goal before it’s completed as a motivator. Good article to remind ourselves and reread to attain joy. Thanks for the writing!

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