Jun 152008

         Success is not final and failure is not fatal it the courage to continue that counts!-Church hill

Have you ever wondered what you would do with your life if you truly couldn’t fail at anything?  How would such an insight change your life?  Would you move toward your goals with stronger purpose and relentless determination?  Would you laugh at obstacles and challenges?  Would you ignore negative comments from other people in your life?

Imagine that anything you wanted right now was available to you, and there was NO POSSIBLE WAY you could fail in your attempt to get it.  How would that have changed the goals you’ve set in the past, and how might it change your current goals?

If you’re like most people, this exercise may help you realize a few things:

• You’ve been playing small.  You may have doubts about your ability to achieve the goals you really want, so you settle for smaller goals that you know you can handle.

The problem with doing this is that you’re not working toward goals that really keep you motivated.  The smaller goals you’re setting may be “nice” but they’re not what REALLY get you fired up!  As you know, staying motivated is easier when you’re working toward something that’s vitally important to you.

• Failure isn’t your biggest fear – success is!  One common reaction many people have to the questions asked in the beginning of this article is the realization that they still wouldn’t go after bigger goals because the thought of achieving them is more frightening than failing!  Staying where you are might seem more appealing than going after big goals because at least your current situation is familiar and comfortable – if not very satisfying.

Of course, nothing will change if you don’t find a way to believe in your capabilities!  A funny thing happens when people achieve an important goal – they realize they are capable of handling much more than they ever suspected before.  They realize that their fears were groundless and they’re grateful that they pushed forward despite them.

• Failure doesn’t exist until YOU say it does.  When you look back at your past failures, you’ll probably notice a couple of things: failure occurred when you refused to try; and failure occurred when you quit trying.

How many times have you done those things?  This realization can be life-changing if you allow it to be!  Think about the goals you’ve set in the past, and ask yourself if you refused to try or quit trying at any point.  Most likely your answer will be affirmative.

Now take a moment to think about your current goals.  What if you simply began working toward them and refused to quit?  What would happen?  Only you can determine whether failure is possible for you – solely based upon your willingness to keep moving forward or not!

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