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14623553-portrait-of-beautiful-african-american-woman-with-dreadlocks-inWe are living in tremulous times where our destiny is mostly unknown. It is easy to cling to the idea that knowing your life-path is all you need to know in order to feel safe and secure. But most of the time the true gift is not knowing your destiny. When you attach yourself to outcomes it limits your life’s possibilities.

Does this mean you should not create a life plan and just go through life not caring what happens?

No, it means that as you make choices in life to seek out your goals and dreams, watch carefully how things unfold. When you put forth your greatest efforts to achieve your goals and things do not happen the way you wanted them to, take time and observe the outcome, there are always lessons in life that we need to pay attention to. These lessons are more important than our attachments to the outcome of our goals.

Not-Knowing can be the doorway to true knowing. When you let go of attachments to things it opens up a space for news things to come into your life. There is great freedom in NOT getting caught up in the outcome you wanted to have happen, and instead seeing the gifts that life has given you.

There are 3 resources you can use to empower your life when you are not sure of your life-path.

Meditation it the door way to seeing the greater picture of your life-path. When you practice meditation it opens your awareness and brings forth answers to your questions. It also brings peace to your mind and body. Doing a 10 minute meditation practice can empower your life in so many ways.

Journal allows you to record your thoughts, feelings and life’s events. This gives you freedom to express your thoughts and feelings that you may keep hidden from the outside world.

Exercise can be a very powerful tool to empower yourself. Through exercise endorphins are released naturally into your blood stream which makes you feel good, strong and healthy. A simple yoga practice can empower your mind, body and spirit.

Not knowing your life path can make you feel lost and unsure of what your next move should be. But when you open yourself up to Not-Knowing it will lead you to the place of true knowing.

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  2 Responses to “How to Empower Your Life; When You are Not Sure of Your Life-Path”

  1. Hi, I’m another blog frogger and moderator of the marriage, motherhood, and mental health community. I liked this post a lot and think your advice re coping strategies is right on target. I have actually done research on the effects of journaling on health. In a study I conducted with Stephen Lepore PhD at Temple University, we found journaling helped people obsess less about the breakup and have fewer physical symptoms. Journaling is a way of letting out emotions you might otherwise inhibit, leading to chronic stress. Exercising and working through the body is also essential in dealing with stress. The importance of nonattachment and nonjudgment are increasingly being recognized by therapists. Namaste and congrats on a fine post and blog.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this post! I agree…attachments can limit and hinder our potential and it is a truly liberating experience to be freed from them!

    Wonderful advice…thank you, I needed this this morning!
    .-= Jessica Mokrzycki´s last blog ..God is the Gospel- John Piper =-.

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