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Empowerment is linked to self-esteem, courage, self-confidence, self-love and kindness.

Empoerment 1211842_daisy_1[1]Empowerment is created in the toddler  years therefore if you or someone you know lack empowerment then chances are it was striped from them or you in childhood. If you are wondering how to empower yourself or how to empower a friend it is important to understand that creating empowerment is a process it is not something that is done overnight.  This process involves creating self-love and the healing any emotional wounds from the past.  In this article you will find 3 emotional healing techniques that create self love and instill empowerment.

Why create Self-love?

Creating self-love is one of the most important things you or anyone else can do for themselves. A person’s lack of self-love can make them feel like something is missing from within. If a person does not fill themselves with unconditional love then there is a good possibility that they will look for it in outside resources to fill the emptiness they feel inside. When a person seeks outside resources to find self-love they can easily turn to other people, drugs, food, sex, shopping and hording to name a few.

How do you create self-love and empower yourself?

1.) You can start by creating boundaries.  Defining boundaries is a very important aspect to instilling more self-love within. Boundaries allow us to say, “This is what I need or this is what I am willing to give.” Defining boundaries is necessary for anyone needing to create more self-empowerment in their life.

2.) Learn to say NO. It is OK to say no when you do not want to do something for someone else. At first saying no might seem difficult if you are used to saying yes. You might feel guilt and think to yourself that saying no is not worth feeling guilty. You have to push the feeling of guilt out of your mind. And replace it with the thoughts and feeling that say you deserve the option to say no. You can create an affirmation that says “my thoughts and feelings are valid; I do not have to do anything I don’t want to do”.

3.)Take time for yourself. Simple enough right? Do something that gives your mind, body and spirit a pick me up. When you don’t take time for yourself your energy is depleted. When you feel depleted you are more apt to feel resentment.

Creating empowerment in your life and feeling empowered is very important for everyone to do. You may go through feelings of guilt but remember they will pass and the outcome of your efforts to create self-empowerment will enhance your life a 100 times over. If you’re reading this right now than this is the moment to act. Write down one affirmation and put that affirmation in a place where you will read it every day. Every effort you take to change your life will take effect. Believe in the change you seek to make in your LIFE and it will happen.

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Thank-you for taking the time to help yourself or someone else through Empowerment!

Be At Peace Always :)


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