Jun 162008

           Just as a candle cannot burn without fire man cannot live without spiritual life. –Buddha

When you’re striving to create a greater sense of happiness in your life, paying attention to your spiritual practice may be beneficial because it’s often been purported that spiritual people are generally happier than people without a defined spiritual practice.  You may find that hard to believe if you don’t consider yourself to be a spiritual person, but take a peek at some of the benefits of a spiritual practice below and then consider whether they might contribute to a greater sense of happiness in your own life too:

1) Universal guidance and support.  Let’s face it; life’s trials and challenges can often leave you feeling battered and alone.  A strong belief that you’re being guided and supported by universal forces can help you feel stronger and better able to cope with difficulties and disappointments.

2) Purpose and meaning.  Belief in an afterlife may make you feel happier and more secure because you’ll know that your trials and tribulations aren’t without meaning or purpose.  Knowing that you’ll go on from here to a better place may provide a measure of comfort and hope to sustain you through difficult times.

3) Deeper connection to others.  It’s easy to perceive yourself as being separate and distinct from other people, which can result in a sense of isolation and disconnection.  However, with a spiritual foundation comes a greater awareness of your interconnectedness with everyone and everything around you.  This awareness can help you feel more connected even if it doesn’t show up in obvious ways in your outer circumstances. 

4) Seeing the bigger picture.  Spiritual beliefs can give you an expanded view of life that you wouldn’t otherwise have.  Rather than seeing only the physical characteristics of people and the world itself, you realize that there is more to life than just the physical things you can see and touch.

5) Deeper inner connection.  Lack of spiritual beliefs can often make you feel like your life is empty and meaningless, while a strong spiritual foundation can help you see that there is a deeper part of you.  You might call this your soul, spirit, essence or divinity, but the name doesn’t matter as much as the realization that this part of you is timeless, infinite and wise – which helps you feel like “more” than you would as a limited physical person.

There are many more benefits to be gained from a spiritual practice, but only you can say whether such a practice would help you to feel happier in your everyday life.

It’s important to note that spirituality and religion are two distinct practices.  You may feel resistant to spiritual practices because of negative religious experiences when you were younger, but a spiritual practice can be quite different and pleasing.  For example, taking walks in nature could be considered a spiritual practice.  Sitting quietly and journaling your deepest thoughts and feelings could be considered a spiritual practice too.

If you like the idea of a deeper life experience that contributes to greater overall happiness, choose a spiritual practice that interests and inspires you – whether it involves religion or not.  Simply follow your heart to the right type of spiritual expression for you, and you won’t be able to help feeling more centered, fulfilled – and happy!

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I hope you enjoyed Happiness and Spirituality and found some new ideas to help you on your journey to a happier and more fulfilling Life!

Please take a moment and leave me a comment below on how you have found happiness through spirituality.

Have a centered day!


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