Feb 122012

Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.-Brain Tracy

Do you have a hard time starting projects? Starting anything new can seem very intimating but it does not have to be, listen to this audio, it gives a clear understanding on how to start a project and what to focus on. When your focus is directed and clear you have a much better chance of starting any project and seeing it to the end.

starting is the harest part
This week I want you to look over your goals and asses where you are. Are there any areas in your life where you need to jump start a project? 

Quick Exercise:

  1. Identify a goal
  2. Create a list, just start thinking about all of the steps and write them down.
  3. Then go through your list and put a number beside each task that identifies the importance of that particular task.
  4. Next rewrite the list in order.

Tip # 1: I use a white board and color marks. It allows me the color coordinate certain tasks while also allowing me to erase and rewrite the list as many times as I need too.

Tip # 2: Dived your life into 3 sections your personal life; family& relationships. Your work life; is made up of ideas of doing your projects & goals and finally, your spiritual life ,which is a plan to have more fun, rest  and find awareness. By applying the smart goal application you are able to create a multidimensional life plan for getting the life you what.

Here’s Your: Smart Goals Quick Guide PDF!
What are smart goals?There are goals you create that give details about:

Who- Name the people you see in the further and who you don’t, maybe you even see people you have not meet yet.
What- What do you want to do, have, be? What is most important for you to accomplish
Where-Location, location, location are you living or working in the right place?
When- Set a time line for all of your goals. Making a time frame to accomplish your goals empowers them!
Which-Are there any special requirement you need to achieve for your goal and what are the constraints standing in your way?
Why- State your purpose and the benefits you wish to have from tackling your goals

Are  you ready to get stared?

Download the Smart Goals PDF quick guide and take your time answers the questions, but not to much time that you don’t complete the assignment. Getting the life you want is achievable in mind body and spirit, think about that as you create smart goals for your life.

This is an easy and empowering way to start a project, Brain storm and have fun!

Next week we are going to talk about how a little goes a long way and how to organize  projects. For now, Keep your focus on the objectives, you will easily and effortlessly slide though each and every project you need to do. Get a smart goals outlined, and get started on your goals today to get the life you want!

Start today,


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