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relaxation head 2 toe This meditation is great for beginners and for those who have been meditating for a long time. Relax Me Meditation; will help you to harness the ability to relax, which is a very important ability for an all around greater state of mind. You will reduce stress, worry and tension from your mind.

I use meditation as one of my primary tools to get the life I want; and I give it to you freely has a way for you to unlock and rewrite your subconscious mind. It is the most effective tool out there for creating a healthy mind, body and spirit. It is also the #1 technique you can use for getting the life you want!

The 3 Primary Goals for this Meditation are:

1. Relaxation- All meditation is meant to relax you; “Relax Me” is composed with subtle brainwave elements that help your brain reach theta brainwaves in a fast easy and comfortable way.

2. My voice It takes some people  a couple of times to get use to hearing “the voice” in a guided meditation, that is completely normal. My voice is an intricate part of all of the Guided Meditation Journeys you will experience, within this self-help therapy program. The more you open yourself up to hearing my voice the more this meditation will be able to guide you too achieving maximum results!

3. Create a habit “Relax Me” can be used right before bed; this allows you to get into a habit of using meditation on a daily basis. You can also use “Relax Me” throughout any part of the day for a quick and easy stress relief therapy. That is why this meditation is only 10 minutes long; it allows people the opportunity to listen to it on there work break.

Meditation is the #1 technique to creating a better, health and well being. Once you open yourself up to it you will be amazed at the positive results you get!

Download Instructions MP3 Meditation right click on the Play button and select “Save Link Asrelaxation head 2 toe

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Get the Life You Want! Creative Visualization!

Please Leave me a comment bellow and let me know what you think of this meditation. I look forward to reading your comments! Your feedback is greatly appreciated! 

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