Apr 172012

Empowerment is something we all should be doing on and on going bases. That is why I have created an Empowerment Meditation for you!

Life delivers us obstacles that can damage our self-image even leading to permanent emotional scares. If these emotional hurts are not dealt with they can come back to you over and over again each time chipping away at your self-confidence and self-esteem. You can re-build self-confidence through empowerment exercises, affirmations, and my guided meditations.

Taking to time to empower yourself is a wonderful gift that will not only effect you, but all of those around you.

Listening to a relaxing meditation is one of the best ways to open your subconscious mind to, empowering thoughts.
10 min empowerment meditation

If you missed last week here is the link to the Empowerment pdf quick guide!

I hope you enjoy the empowerment meditation and please feel free to share this website with anyone and everyone that could benefit from this self help therapy series  “Get the Life You Want!

Please leave me a comment below sharing your experiences with self-empowerment.

Have a Self-Empowered Day!


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