Jan 292011

Focus Wheel Print Out

This is a very simple exercise that is extremely powerful to attract what you want. Below is a list of things to think about has you create your statements.

1) You start in the middle with a main statement (desire).

2) Then you go around the circle and write statements and feelings that reflect your main point.

3) Your statements must be clear, simple, and related to your main point.

4) It is best if each state is believable as well.

The power in the focus wheel is the momentum you feel as you go around your wheel and read the statements out loud. The energy is compounded as your focused attention breathes life into your desire.

Below is a diagram of a focus wheel to give you an example. I have also created a fun Focus Wheel Print Out which you can download and print for free no opt-in required. You can so listen you a video with Abraham Hicks describing how to create a Focus Wheel Here.

These are fun focus wheel print-outs that you can color in with colored pencils and hung up to enforce your desires!

Focus Wheel Print-out Clouds

Focus Wheel Pie

Focus Wheel Print-out Circles

Focus Wheel Print-out Clouds 2















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