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The 3 Most important and Basic techniques you can use to harness the power of visualization.

The first most important visualization technique is to be detailed. Creating enough detail in your visualizations helps you to create your own reality right before your eyes; you can envision color, smells, and sounds. Make your visualizations as real as possible.

 The second most important visualization technique is to use visualization often; you don’t always have to sit in a quiet place and dedicate more time than you have. Sometimes I visualize driving safely to my destination when I get into my car. This only takes me a second and I know, no one around me even knows, I am doing it. The more you visualize the better it will work for you, just like anything else.

The third most important visualization technique is to add feelings and emotions as to visualize, this real knocks your visualizations out of the park! When you are envisioning you are embedding these feelings and emotions right into your subconscious mind which is very powerful. Your visualizations also have to take you through the motions, meaning; envision many of the steps you would take leading yourself to the desired outcome.

See it, Feel it, and Be it!


Exercise: Guided Visualization script

Read over the Guided visualization script below and then create your own visualization using something that you want, need or desire. Pick something simple and important. Once you write out your own guided visualization script read the first part, then take a moment to visualize, continue to read over the next part and then take another moment to visualize and so on and so forth. Once you have taken the time to envision each part of your guided visualization script read over your entire visualization several times to the point where you can recall it from memory. This process helps you to embed your guided visualization script into your conscious and subconscious mind.

Creative Visualization 

Find a comfortable quite place to sit and relax your mind after you read a section of this visualization close your eyes and envision what you just read.

Let’s say you have a job interview coming up and you really want this job.

See yourself getting ready for a job interview. Look at yourself in the mirror what are you wearing, see you hair, your face and smile.

Take a breath; now see yourself taking a breath in the mirror. Relax as you look into the mirror and see yourself looking confident like you know without a doubt the job is yours today.

Now envision and feel yourself jabbing your coat, phone, a copy of your resume, and anything else, that you think is important for you to have on this day.

See yourself walking to your door open it and close it behind you. As you close the door take a moment to feel the confidence within you and say in your mind this job is mine. Feel your body stand up and little straighter with your shoulders back.

See yourself walking to your car and get in, take a moment to visualize going through the motions of starting the car and getting on the road, feel yourself driving your car to the interview. Look out the window what do you see? What do you hear?

Now you can see the building where the job interview will take place, say in your mind, this is where I work now and I love it.

Pull into the parking lot, park your car and get out. As you close the car door feel a sense of home and peace like this is exactly where you belong.

Now start walking to the door of the building there is someone standing there, they open the door for you with a big smile on their face and say welcome. Feel the warm welcome and walk through the doorway. You feel confident because you belong here.

Now see yourself walking to the waiting area and letting the receptionist know you are here. She also greets you with a big warm smile.

Now sit in the waiting room and as you sit there you feel complexly comfortable and relaxed because you know this is where you are so post to be.

The receptionist calls your name, walks you over to the door and opens it for you, as you walk through the door look back at her and smile.

Now look around the office, get a sense of the room see color, furniture, windows.

Feel yourself walking over to the chair in front of the desk, your new employer is sitting at. As you walk over to it, your new employer stands up and smiles at you holding out there hand as he or she says welcome. You shake his or her hand smiling back. Feel yourself sitting in the chair in front of the desk.

As you go through the interview feel a sense of calm running through your whole body you feel great and confident.

The interview is coming to an end now, you feel calm and relaxed as your new employer asks you when you can start working. As soon as you hear these words your heart fills with joy and happiness, you smile and feel grateful.


 How to write your own visualization:


  1. When you first start visualizing you will fall in and out of it, this is completely normal. That’s why there is prep time in the beginning of this visualization; to give you time to get in to it. Give yourself that time in your visualization.
  2. Start wring about a place where you feel comfortable, I wrote about driving in a car to the interview. Then write about normal, simple, steps that lead you up to the event (the want). Choose a place that is familiar. Write a few important details about this place to create the realness in your visualization.
  3. Write about the most important feelings and emotions you want to bring to you. This visualization focuses on being relaxed and confident. It brings in feelings of belonging which are extremely effective when you are visualizing a place. You should feel like you belong there.
  4. Write about the people you will meet, make sure these people make you feel the way you want to feel in your visualization. Each of the people you met in the visualization I wrote about, were all friendly and inviting, this again gives that sense of belonging.

I hope you enjoyed this guided visualization script, I believe that creative visualize is the most important self help technique out there. Once you spend some time practicing this self help technique you will be amazed at how effectively it works. I have created many Guided Meditation Journeys, to help you reach your full potential with Creative Visualization, the most powerful technique you have within!

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Have a creative day


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