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When it comes to personal empowerment, feeling strong and grounded is crucial.  Without a perception of yourself as strong and resilient, you’ll find yourself cowering in the face of challenges; feeling intimidated by other people, and weighed down by your own fears and insecurities.

A strong person, on the other hand, knows that he or she can handle life’s challenges and triumph over any adversity.strength x16174337[1]

There are four key areas where strength needs to be built in order to fully empower yourself:

Mental Strength.

Mental strength includes qualities such as clarity, focus, determination and positive self-image.

Are you confident, self-assured and proud of who you are?  Do you know exactly where you’re headed in life and exactly how to get there?  Do you feed your mind with positive fuel each day and push yourself to move beyond your comfort zones?

If not, you’ll want to start building your mental strength by developing a stronger focus and transforming limiting or negative thoughts.  Your thoughts form the basis for your life and determine the way you see yourself in the grand scheme of things.  Make it your mission to strengthen your mind, change unproductive habits and improve limiting perceptions.

Emotional Strength.

Emotional strength pertains to your level of resiliency, flexibility and your beliefs.

How well do you handle the stress of life?  Do you tend to take things personally?  Do you cringe when someone says something negative about you?  Are you easily upset by minor conflicts?  Are you afraid to assert yourself?

Emotional strength is all about being tough and resilient in the face of adversity – being flexible enough to bend without breaking, in other words.  A good place to start is by making yourself feel loved and valued on a daily basis.  A strong foundation of self-love and respect will help you to feel stronger, but it will also reduce your need to seek validation and acceptance from others.  Also important is gaining control over your emotional state by choosing not to allow external influences to upset you.  Avoid taking things personally and learn to become more self-contained, impervious to situations that threaten to upset your emotional balance.  Finally, get into the habit of stepping back emotionally and challenging beliefs that don’t serve you.

Spiritual Strength.

Spiritual strength is all about feeling connected and balanced on a deeper level.

Do you have a regular spiritual practice that you engage in daily or weekly?  Do you feel connected and guided by a power greater than yourself?  Do you feel like your life has meaning and purpose?

This has nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with your own perception that there is more to you than your physical body.  It doesn’t matter which religion you practice (or if you practice none at all) – it matters only that you choose to believe that there is a reason for your existence and you feel supported and loved by a power greater than yourself.  Spend time in daily meditation or visualization to help foster a deeper connection between yourself, the universe, and others.

Physical Strength.

Physical Strength is obvious how strong is you physical body? It is the least important strength, because you do not need to have physical strength to achieve greatness in life. But, if you are capable of developing and having physical strength, you should do so. I believe that feeling physically strong builds confidence quickly because you are able to see and feel your body change. Start doing some form of physical activly today and build your strength!

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Have a strength building day!


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  1. Hi Wendy!

    Thanks for inviting me back to your Blog…I really appreciate you promoting my material to your inner circles. :)

    Boy, it sure is a constant challenge keeping all 4 of those plates spinning w/o breaking any one of them!!

    Have a highly inspired day…your tribal friend Steven Suchar
    .-= Steven Suchar´s last blog ..Are You Creating Emotionally Triggered Headlines? =-.

  2. Thanks for a great blog post!

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