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The Brain

Scientists are still unclear about how to control bad moods. In one study done they found increased activity in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex which is located right behind the right eye, this could lead to helping people with depression and other mental health issues, but for now, there needs to be more studies done before scientist can say for sure.

There is also a discussion with psychologists over the believe that, ego depletion creates a bad mood, which means when you are faced with a situation which causes stress and you try to avoid reacting, your energy physical drains your brain and causes you to feel irritated. These types of situations can also happen when you are trying to void temptation; for example; certain foods, if you are on a diet or trying to avoid spending money if you feel like it is not in your budget. Everyone has a threshold for handling stress and when you move pass that threshold you become irritable. When this happens there is a domino effect with your mental and physical self, the metal effects are negative thoughts and beliefs that create more of the same negatively in your mind, while the physical effects are an increase in your blood pressure and heart rate, which can also increase the stress hormone cortisol. While all of this is happening there is also a spiritual aspect that is being effective as well.

Why you need to control your mood?

Learning how to control a bad mood is something that can be done and should be done, because as I stated above there are server consequences when you allow your mood run your life. Bad moods can also create mental illness, which leads to a narrow view of the world, which will have a direct impact on creating any kind of success or happiness in your life.

I believe you can control and should control your mood. Below I will discuss 14 ways in which you can control your mood and release blocks of negative or stagnant energy.

The first 5 will be the most obvious and easiest to do.

14 ways to control your Mood

Food- There has been a lot of scientific study done on the foods we eat. The research shows that eating as much unprocessed food is the way to a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Look at your diet cut out the junk and replace it with veggies and fruit. Do not buy foods that have preservatives, dies, or artificial flavors in them. These types’ of chemicals can react with your body chemistry in a negative way and should be avoided at all costs.

Sleep- Sleep is accentual to our 3 part being. If you have a hard time with getting to sleep or staying asleep than start to investigate, why; create a sleep chart and start making notes on your sleep patterns.  Are you able to fall asleep and then go through periods of night waking or do you have a hard time falling asleep? Create another chart on your daily actives; write down what you ate, and drank and how much caffeine and water you are consuming. Are you watching T.V. before bed? Do you feel stressed before bed? With a little investigation you should be able to pin point why you are having trouble sleeping.

Reduce Stress- If you are constantly having one stressful day after another than it is time to identify the stress and take action to reduce it. Sounds simple, and I know it’s not, but if you are around by situations that bring you stress, than you must figure out how you can change it. Remember you are the only person who can truly protect yourself and your mood.

Meditation- I am a big fan of meditation and hopefully you are enjoying the meditations that I have been sending you through this self help program. Meditation is the key to a better life. It releases stress and helps brain development which inherently causes an all around good feeling and better moods.

Envisioning Exercises- The more you can develop your creative visualization skills the more you will control your moods and your life. Being able to use visualization allows you to implement positive thinking everyday which can help you to avoid a bad mood in the first place and protects you from negatively in the future.

Relaxing music- Listening to relaxing music will relax your mind and make it much easier for you to get into meditation and be able to use visualization plus it helps with getting a better night sleep. There are scientific studies done on music as well and I assure you that listening to music that is composted of calm and relaxing sounds creates that same calm within you.

Bubble bath- Soaking in a warm bath can and does wash away stress by relaxing your muscles. It raises your body temperature which can make you feel comfortable like cuddling in your favorite blanket. Add a few drops of an essential oil, turn on some relaxing music and let your mind unwind, your mind and body will feel better.

Massage- Having a massage done releases tension and pockets of stress within your body. Plus there is scientific research that supports the fact that we all need touch. Having a massage done can greatly improve your mood.

Intense Exercise- I now a have said this before and I am going to properly keep on saying this, but exercise is great for many things and that includes helping you shake a bad mood. When you do intense exercise you have to focus on what you are doing which stops you from thinking about whatever created your bad mood. It also gets your heart pumping moving blood to all of your important organs, including your brain. As you breathe heavy; oxygen is also being pumped into your heart, lungs and brain which causes the releasing endorphins, which are chemicals in your brain that make you feel good.

Avoid the News- If you are in a bad mood please turn off the news. There is so much negative energy being reported on the news stations every day, there is no need to watch something that is going to bring you further into a bad mood.

Triggers- We all have triggers that set us off, Right? The best way to deal with triggers is to avoid them and create affirmations to move them right out of your mind.

Example; If you fall into a mood because a friend calls and asks you to go to lunch and you don’t have the money to do so, ask them if they would like to come over to your house for lunch, then allow yourself a few minutes to let go of the negative feelings that surfaced from not being able to go to lunch. Tell yourself that it is divine perfection that you can’t go and that you are meant to say home and enjoy your friends company. You can tell yourself many reasons why having lunch in your home is better than going out, none of which need to have anything to do with money.

EFT- I have not talked to much about this technique for enriching your life but this is a tried and true way to release blocks of energy, I use it and I know it works every time. In a nut shell EFT in a technique used for tapping certain meridian points in the body. At the end of this quick guide there will be a link to a free EFT manual for further study on the emotional freedom technique. This manual is from Dale Craig it is very in depth and explains what you need to know on how and why EFT works so well.

Charka Clearing Negative thoughts and beliefs block the flow of your energy. When you are in a bad mood these blocked areas in and around you intensify making it harder for you to let go of your bad mood while also making it easier for your mood to come back. Clearing your charkas is easy to do and should be done on a weekly base. You can find guided meditations that clear and re-balance your charkas.

Stop pointing fingers! One of the biggest pit falls for staying in a bad mood is, blame. I am in a bad mood because of ………Blame………… Blame………. Blame…………………….

Life does not always go as planned, the only thing you need to remember is that you may not like what happens in your life at times, but it is your choice, and only your choice, in how you deal with it and feel about it!

Controlling your mood is a vital piece in the puzzle of getting the life you want. A bad mood drains your energy, messes with your focus, depletes your empowerment, attracts more negative energy’s and circumstances that will surround you, making it more difficult for you to free yourself from it.

If you struggle with mood swings then it is time to start creating a plan to stop bad moods from happening. I have struggled with mood swings for most of my life. I have used medication and therapy in my early 20’s to control them. Now in my early 40’s I know myself much more and I am able to use the techniques I talked about above to control my mood, with more success than when I was on medication.

Why? Because I am more aware now and I stopped Blame! You can do it too, become more aware of how you are feeling and immediately take action! Don’t hesitate, the longer you do the longer you will be dragged into your mood making it that much more difficult for you to get out!

There are at least a 1000 ways to Control a bad mood.  And probably a Millions things you can learn about, once you start to ask questions and try new things.There is something out there for you.

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Have a supper day!



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