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       Awareness is the key to everything you need and want in life! -Wendy Mickle

Procrastination can often grow to monstrous proportions in your life, but sometimes it can be much more subtle too.  Perhaps you don’t have huge, messy snarls in all areas of your life due to procrastination, but is it possible that you procrastinate just enough to limit your potential?

If you’ve had some big dreams and goals that you never seem to get around to achieving for any length of time, you may be procrastinating without even realizing it!  There’s nothing wrong with putting off your dreams and goals, unless doing so leaves you with a vague sense of dissatisfaction or boredom with your current circumstances.

In order to overcome even subtle levels of procrastination, you’ll need to work on developing a stronger awareness of when and why you’re doing it, and then take action to correct it.

Below you’ll find three easy steps to help you do so:

1) Clarify your goals.

If you’ve never formally identified and clarified your goals, it’s much easier to keep putting them off.  Perhaps you think that “someday” you’ll do something to create a more fulfilling life, but you never get around to doing so because the demands from your current life seem more pressing.

When you get very clear about what you want and set goals to make it happen, you suddenly find yourself feeling much more inspired and motivated about taking action!  Putting your goals off no longer seems so attractive, and you’re more willing to overcome any tendencies to procrastinate.

2) Be aware of potential problems.

Once you’ve set your goals and you’re excited about achieving them, do what you can to become aware of any temptations you may have to set them aside again.  If you normally shy away from challenges, write that down and come up with some possible strategies to build up your courage and determination.  If you tend to let the demands of your life take precedence over everything else, make a commitment to keep working on your goals no matter what.

Just by planning and preparing ahead of time for potential problems, you greatly minimize the possibility of getting overwhelmed and giving up.

3) Form a plan of action and begin moving forward.

Finally, once you’ve set your goals and prepared for potential obstacles, there’s nothing left to do but create a plan and begin working it diligently!  You may find it helpful to continue to review and evaluate your progress frequently so you don’t slip back into old habits without realizing it.  Awareness is power!

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  2 Responses to “Awareness Hepls Limint Procrastination”

  1. Great article Wendy! It’s really all about this, sticking with the plan and being clear on where we want to go and then getting there. I am in the process of becoming a lot more aware of when I am procrastinating and when I am moving forward with my clearly and well designed plan of action of my business and life goals.

    Keep Going! Keep Growing!
    DiDi Alcheva
    .-= Diyana Alcheva — DiDi´s last blog ..Get Your Blog Started: Take The First Step to Establishing An Online Presence – Buy The Domain Name =-.

  2. I agree, getting clarification is huge for doing anything. Good post Wendy, and good tips for all of us.

    Have a terrific weekend! Julieanne
    .-= Julieanne van Zyl´s last blog ..How Law of Attraction works in Business =-.

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